Which Website Builder Am I Going To Use?

I am going to use Wix.com as my website builder for my artist website because I have used it before and I am used to it and find it really easy. The unique thing about Wix is that you can use backgrounds specific to what your website is about.

The other website builders I could have used are really complicated and often cost money but Wix is a fast and free way of making amazing websites.


Examples Of Artist Websites I Am Inspired By And How I Will Use Them As Inspiration For Mine

The first artist website I am inspired by is the artist website of Avicii. The reason I am so inspired by this is because it is really simple and therefore easy to understand which makes the target audience more inclined to find out more about the artist. Avicii simply uses his logo at the top in the middle and has an all black background with a clear image of him there to create a recognition of the artist which is a marketing strategy. As the website goes on, there are blog posts about him following his death earlier this year which makes things for the viewer emotional and makes them want to read more because it is interesting. That is why I was interested when looking at his website. In terms of my video, I want to use this same effect because as I said, it creates simplicity and this is really important from an audience perspective as it makes them more interested.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 19.25.35

The second artist website example I would like to use is from David Guetta. This website uses lots of colour in comparison to Avicii. This is because David Guetta’s music style is a lot more upbeat and jolly than the likes of Avicii’s music. The front page shows him looking up to the sky wearing trendy fashion which unlike Avicii, conforms to the stereotype of dance music being colourful and conforming to the latest style. I like this way of a website in a different way to Avicii because although it comes across as more complicated, it gives a vibe to the viewer that things are positive. The particular artist I have chosen for my music video doesn’t relate to this as much as the Avicii website because Alesso is just a regular DJ with no specific theme so I think I will take my inspiration from the Avicii website but I will use parts of this one for ideas such as featuring singles on the website in a clear and visual approach.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 19.44.57

How My Music Video And Artist Website Link Together

I have deliberately chosen a simple approach for my website because my video is not overly complicated so that they link. For my website, I chose black as the main colour as it goes quite well with dance music because all dance and music equipment is black and it is often associated with dancing. My music video uses black and white initially and then moves onto colour when it’s gets onto the interesting bit. I have completely recreated this with my website to replicate it so they link together. I made the pages black and white and then all the interesting parts such as singles and albums in colour to coordinate well with my video. I deliberately chose not to feature my artist logo in my music video because I wanted an opening scene of Johan (my main actor) walking up the steps into the building as this instantly attracts and engages the viewer because if I had my logo and writing etc. beforehand it would bore the viewer before the video even started so I replicated this marketing effect into my website as well which is why I don’t have my artist logo on it because I wanted my video and website to integrate. I still used a logo on my website but a much simpler one to engage the viewer more.

Evidence Of Production

Here are some photos of me planning the parts of the music video. In the first photo, you can see me measuring a wall for the lip syncing of my video because you have to get the right distance to film for it to look effective and to attract the target audience. In the second photo, you can see me experimenting to see if a camera angle for lip syncing would be effective and in the last photo, you can see me testing the zoom of the camera.