Here is the final version of my music video which has been fully edited.


Evidence Of Production

Here are some photos of me planning the parts of the music video. In the first photo, you can see me measuring a wall for the lip syncing of my video because you have to get the right distance to film for it to look effective and to attract the target audience. In the second photo, you can see me experimenting to see if a camera angle for lip syncing would be effective and in the last photo, you can see me testing the zoom of the camera.

Props And Costume Plan

In terms of the props I will be using in my music video, I will use the buildings around the Gordonstoun School campus as these reflect what the video is about (reuniting). I will also use a table in the dancing scene to keep all the designer clothes on as this will have a really cool stereotypical effect because there are loads of music videos that feature tables where the video’s actors collect their clothes. The most obvious props I will use are the designer clothes of my actors such as famous sportswear brands and some city wear brands as this will create power among my actors and keep the stereotype of boys having power.

Locations And Location Shots

The first location will be the service centre at Gordonstoun School. It is a building located in the east side of the school and is used as the fire station, coastguard station and exam halls.

Image result for gordonstoun school services centre

The second location will be the the sports hall at Gordonstoun School. This location will be the central location for my music video filming the people dancing when the beat drops in the song. It is located, again, in the east side of the school right next to the service centre.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 19.28.31

The final location of my music video will be the road leading to these two buildings. This road runs right throughout the school however, I will be using the section on the east of the campus because it is next to these two buildings above.

Image result for gordonstoun road

Treatment (Final)

The target audience of my music video is teenage children because they are generally the main audience who listen and dance to dance music. My typical single audience member who would watch my music video would be a 17 year old boy from London who is a skinny build and likes to eat healthy food. I will attract my target audience by firstly making my video interesting because I have a young target audience and young people tend to only stay interested when something is fun and interesting. Also, I will put lots of colour into it with different and interesting filters because colour is often associated with dance and teenagers like colour and dance because it means fun where as if my video just featured some dancing and not much colour, it might remind them of a parent’s house party rather than a fun party which wouldn’t attract them as much. I am also going to attract my target audience by using good looking people in my video as this usually attracts teenagers. For example, in the music video of ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj, there are good looking girls in the video making the boys more attracted and vice versa with music videos with good looking boys in. In terms of the location of my music video, it will be filmed at Gordonstoun School in three different locations; the gates, the service centre and the drama studio. I chose this location because it features nice scenery and therefore makes a good base for a music video. My music video won’t require much equipment because I set myself a challenge to try and use as much natural stuff as possible. I will film the video using my iPhone X with a tripod at some points. There will be two actors in my video.┬áSome effects I will include in my video will be slow motion, fast motion, low angle and high angle shots, tracking shots and multicoloured lighting effects.